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CEO Message

Welcome to our website! I want to personally thank you for your interest in our organization. In the current scenario, any client or candidate can find numerous recruitment agencies in the talent-hunt market of Pakistan. The competition between the manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan is so much that any one usually end up with unprofessional human resource consultants that leaves them and their money in jeopardy. Even among the top manpower recruitment agencies, the standards of overseas placement consultants are not complied and they provide unsatisfactory and low quality services in terms of employment, recruitment, human asset and consultancy.

If we look at the current economic settings, one can say that the talent hunt market is indeed going through tough conditions. There is a rising trend towards the mismatched job and skills, high job uncertainty and low employment opportunities, depressed margins, high cost of living all leading to high socioeconomic problems. According to data compiled by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) and the Labor Force Survey, Pakistan is the sixth most populous country with an estimated population of 191.71 million. It has the tenth largest man power in the world, totaling to 57.24 million out of which 3.7 million were left unemployed after the economic turmoil (Sept., 2013). So the surplus talented resource existing in this market can be best utilized to export them to places where there is gap in the availability of human resource.

However, despite these challenging industrial and economic barriers, Manpower Project Services (MPS) has continued to thrive endlessly. What enabled MPS to standout is its capability and passion to serve diverse human capital needs of its clientele. Within MPS, we are rich in values which have earned us a reputation for unmatched professionalism, respect and provision of quality and practical solutions to our clientele. The story of our companys success is told through our clients, employees and the network in which we work.

We believe that our success is attributed to our commitment to make requirements of our clients our priorities. We provide them with the professional, reliable, timely and cost-effective assistance with the help of our proven search processes and teamwork. We work relentlessly to exceed the expectations of our clients, add value, maintain trust and confidentiality and collaborate to offer meaningful and relevant solutions. We manage our business around the evolving requirements of our clients through developing in-depth relationships and learning about their environments, challenges and HR matters. This way, we are able to assist our clients to build the right talent pool and HR assets that would contribute towards fixing the business-pain and growing of the companys business further. Being the CEO of this business, it is satisfying to know that even in this continually evolving marketplace where our clients are more informed about the HR solutions provider and Recruitment agency solutions, they continue to choose MPS as their partner of choice because of our experience, commitment to quality and our integrity.

We owe much of our success to our team people with different backgrounds, educations and experiences who share common values: Integrity, Professionalism, Trust, Respect, Collaboration and Responsibility. Only those who have the passion to serve our industries, can deliver results to our clients and have a need for excellence and growth in their professional endeavors are given the entry into our organization as our caliber team. We promote and support a diverse, unified team. We believe that succeeding together is as important as succeeding independently. As one company, MPSs impact is far greater than the impact of any one of its parts. We work together to build relationships that create ever-greater value for the customers and communities we serve. They are at the core of who we are and what we do. As a CEO of such an outstanding organization, when I look at the growth since our inception, I am inspired by the energy, spirit and responsibility of our team, and the results and solutions we regularly achieve for our clients. I am even more excited about our promising future.

Throughout our tenure in this industry, we have developed an extensive network of connected relationships. This network is the cornerstone of our success in identifying ideal professionals for the searches we conduct that enable us to help our clients build stronger management teams by recruiting leaders and top achievers. Our company has made its mark in the industry by catering to the individual needs of all those we serve and the majority of our searches are from repeat customers. We take the trust of our clientele very seriously. For more than 23 years, we have successfully transitioned from a small team start-up to become a respected firm, garnering business from across the country while earning our clients' trust along the way. MPS has maintained its longevity in the industry because of our consistent performance and success. You are encouraged to review our references. We look forward to welcoming you as our client and partner!